Walking on a frozen lake

When I was still in France, people were used to tell me about my journey in Poland that I will have to prepare me against the cold. “Na! It cannot be so terrible” I was thinking most of the time. The weather was honestly not my main worry at this moment. But now I met the wintertime in Poland, I know (and especially my toes) that buying winter shoes is also an important part of the project… 

However, it finally doesn’t matter how hard is the cold. Because we all of us have had the opportunity to discover something that no one os us had seen before this EVS in Poland.

The signs of the cold

Wyndrynska under the snow

Sofia is disovering the snow

Sofia is disovering the snow

Just after our come back in Poland (we all passed two weeks outside of Kielce during Christmas), we started to feel a little bit change with the weather. Windier, snowier, and particularly colder.  I have never experimented -15°C in my life… but it was the real temperature in Starachowice, for our first day of work. Such a terrible experience, when your are not prepare for it !

But at the opposite, we were strongly excited to see this weather, probably because we wanted to see the snow, a lot of snow, a mass of snow. So cold, but in the same time, so beautiful. It is like if the good mood was falling with this frozen water.

But there is more than the snow …

We were waiting for the bus in Starachowice (almost paralysed by this new cold), and Jack saw it. This huge area of immobilized water. All kind of life in this lake looked to be unabled to move. The low sun was reflecting on the surface. What an irealistic scenery. It is spectacular.

Frozen Lake in Starachowice

I would have been able to stay there or hours, just looking this landscape, but of course Jack did it… It was probably a desire too strong for keeping it inside, so he decided to walk on this frozen lake whithout any hesitation. At this instant, I just thought he was crazy, but I finnally understand him. It is like a dream, almost a a fantasy, and the opportunity was too perfect.

Come on Guys ! There is fifteen fucking centimeters of ice !

A crazy English

A crazy English

I don’t know if his argument was right, but we didn’t hesitate too long for joining him, and experiment the cold in Poland.

One of my best experience in Poland

Since this day, we found some other lake around Kielce whose one of them is situated at bout 25 minutes of walk from our flat (in the countryside). The view is always incredible. It looks to be quite usual for Polish people, but for us, it is really magic.

Walking on a frozen lake

Walking on a frozen lake

I would have never thought experiment something like that during my volunteering. It is, from my point of view, one of my best experience, in this country. Sliding, dancing, screaming alone int this whole lake make me feel just glad and peaceful. I finaly wish this cold go on a little bit longer.

Angels in Poland

Angels in Poland


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