Następny przystanek

I’m in Poland since 4 months now, and I had now the opportunity to observe the way of life of polish people, and to emerge in the heart of this culture, unknown to me before !
I have lots of different option to gaze at people and to see how they are different, how they make the things differently from my culture. But I can also see how polish people can be so close to me.
All basically began in the bus. That’s seems weird isn’t it ? To tell the truth, I have never ever passed as much time in buses since I’m in Poland ! Between the Eurolines, the Polskibus, the one which link up our house to the office, the other one that we have to take to visit schools… Trust me: your warrior experience will begin once in the bus !

One of my longest and funniest bus story must be my “Euroline’s Experience”. Actually, it’s a real experience, and a kind of struggle against… the hours ! But it’s also the memory of my departure. Going up in this Eurolines (that I almost missed), 30 hours to think, to realize that I’m living, watching around and trying to know where are people going. Not to cry… The discovery really began when I first set next to this cut fat Portuguese grandpa, the one which scared away my melancholy. Then, when I met this French girl making a half year of Erasmus in Lublin. She’s the one which made me feel less alone. I tried to communicate in English with the polish driver: my so romantic French accent doesn’t touch with the “No English At All” of the guy… I observed the landscapes, trying to know where I was when I saw… Kielce. 30 hours of bus is finally not so long… And now, thanks to Polskibus company, I’m always travelling by bus in Poland! But to come back, I know I will book a flight 😉

SubstandardFullSizeRender (30)

One of the Autobus we use to visit schools

Actually, I spend a lot of time in the bus every week, a precious time through which I can talk about my experience. Everyday I’m living home and try to catch the bus in Zagorska or Sandomierska streets. As, everyday, Iate I am. But I know that once in the bus I will discover something new. Once standing at the bus stop, I know that I will have a new story to tell. For example this old lady that I met an evening : she was felling exciting to talk to a foreigner from…France? In Kielce? The nanny was taking care of me in this winter time. Looking at my white face… A guy was translating all its interrogations “Do you have a sister?”-“In which street do you live?” My 15 min waiting were great! Sometimes I begin to get confused when people manage to talk with me. The only thing I can say is this sentence that I learned one’s fingertips: “Przepraszam, nie mówie po polsku”.
Here a broken communication sets up dued to the barrier of language. But it can be funny when people try to whisper you a “Merci madame”! Such a prestige…


Women wearing fur coat-hats fur-sweater fur. A lot of fur in the bus, people protect they skin against the cold! You also can’t escape to the old ladies and their pretty berets. From all the sizes, colors, substances… At the beginning, the girls and I were often looking at those fancy hats, that each of them wear everytime. I see nannies, meeting in those buses as everyday to talk about (weather?)… And drunk men sometimes, sleeping in the bus. I like to see the reaction of people when they hear an English accent. Surprised, confused, interested? Sometimes I’m feeling like stranger in front of their expression- Sometime, I’m feeling home.

FullSizeRender (9)

Selling furs in Warsaw


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