Welcome to Camposfera

Welcome to Camposfera

These are the notes of a weenkend outside of Kielce. A weekend that we probably all secretly expected in the village of our mentor. A peaceful place that we like for its simple beauty, and the change of scene it can offer us. This is a weekend in Klimontów. Continue reading



When living in a foreign country for an extended amount of time, I think something you should definitely try to do is to visit as many places as you can whilst you have the chance. So last week, I invited a friend from the UK over to Poland to spend a little winter break in Zakopane, known informally as the “winter capital of Poland”.

I should mention that before we travelled to Zakopane, Rich (the friend) came to Kielce for one night and was instantly introduced to Polish hospitality at the celebratory party of one of our Polish friends for graduating from university (congratulations, Mateusz!). There were many offerings of vodka shots and kiełbasa and a bunch of people trying to talk to us about the English Premier League with broken English by just reeling off the names of players for respective teams. I think we were both ready to head to the mountains. Continue reading

1 of January

1 of january after the sylvester everyone is trying to get back the energies to restart one more year. But also was my birthday, the first time that I passed the day without my parents. So I was ecited to have a new experience and new views because in the same time I was travelling since my trip back to poland from Portugal. Continue reading