1 of January

1 of january after the sylvester everyone is trying to get back the energies to restart one more year. But also was my birthday, the first time that I passed the day without my parents. So I was ecited to have a new experience and new views because in the same time I was travelling since my trip back to poland from Portugal.

Me and Agathe were ready to leave wroclaw and go to a different city,Katowice. But before we’re looking for hostel, but all them were booked and quite expensive . So We had the idea of jump in the adventure of couchsurfing for the first time together.


On the site of courchsurfing I send a message to some people but only one had the contact available. So I contacted that girl, she was amazing and accept as, actually her birthday were at 2 of january too.

So we get the crazy polski bus in direction of katowice. Industrial city totally different of the other cities that we meet until now. Was so cold, so when we arrived we took a tram straight to the area where the girl live. Then already in the area we went to a gas station to thing, ask for directions and don’t die with cold.

I ask to the women of the store if it’s possible to charge the phone. And she said: Nie. So I saw some two young girls around and ask them if I can use their phone to make a fast call that I’ll pay for it in money. The did stranges faces but onegive me the phone and I call to the girl and she didn’t accept my money eh eh

After we ask to a guy about the directions to the area and he said that the taxi driver that was drinking a coffee in the gas station can take us until there. We didn’t had 10 zl so the guy paid half of the bill of the taxi, so we took the taxi until the house of the girl and paid only 5 zl.


The door of the house was so old and strange that we started shaking. But when we went inside everything was perfect and the girl and really nice cakes in home**

Bling Bling


Sofia Yala Rodrigues


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