Welcome to Camposfera

Welcome to Camposfera

These are the notes of a weenkend outside of Kielce. A weekend that we probably all secretly expected in the village of our mentor. A peaceful place that we like for its simple beauty, and the change of scene it can offer us. This is a weekend in Klimontów.

Welcome to Camposfera

I really love them. Those old trains equipped with compartments that we see only in the movies, which ride across the province as slow as possible, for a ridiculous price. This is the transportation we usually use to reach Klimontów, tiny village situated at an hour of Kielce, with barely 300 citizens. During this journey, I can feel an excitation generally stronger than during our simple visits in the diverse schools of the region. Why ? Because we are going to meet our mentor, Kuba, within his organisation Camposfera.

A mentor in a EVS is someone with a relatively important place. Extern to our organisation, he is our support, adviser, and reference in case of any particular problems. A sort of guide, who, time to time, offers us a kind of break in our “routine” with inviting us to participate to the life of his organisation. And this is especially, in my opinion, the most exciting part of his role. 🙂

Klimontów is the perfect place for a change of scene, of habits and mood. When you get off the train in the middle of nowhere, cross by walk the railway in order to get the village, and finally cross your paths with chicken, pigs, and old people who are staring at you, you are feeling teleported in a completly different world. The atmosphere is there, really chilled, and the landscapes very shooting.

Do it yourself !

I already learnt plenty of things since the beginning of my volunteering in september. Improve my english, express me in front of a class, lead activities are probably the most obvious. But I absolutely didn’t think I will be confronted to more manual tasks.

Kristina at work

Camposfera is situated in the place of an old school, today converted into a space able to welcome groups of young people for trainings of several days. Showers, dormitories, kitchen, common room, everything is renovated at a lower cost, by volunteers with a young and dynamic spirit. It is with this in mind that Kuba asked us to make from A to Z, a piece of furtnitures thanks to a bunche of crates.

It sounded very exciting to me. Create an object so imposing by my own, is something I have never done in my whole life. It had to be a funny experience.

Sand, paint, varnish, then saw and pierce during the two days of our stay. Maybe at the beginning, we didn’t really believe that we could be able to arrive at the end of this exercice. Bu finally we managed it. We organised us in order to find the best arrangement, we listened to the advices of Dawid to use his tools, and we setted to work to carry out what we didn’t think we were able to do.


Finnaly, we finished the day with the feeling to have accomplished something, and gained many new competences.

Becoming a different volunteer

Dare to dreamCamposfera is really a place where we learn to see the world differently. We take our time, we listen, and we learn with the pace of the countryside. Observing Kuba cooking the result of his vegetable garden by all the possible ways, is one of the thing I prefere (I would have never imagined enjoy a beetroot steak). Once we are full, we chill out, discuss about our volunteerings, learn a little bit more about each other. I become aware that Camposfera is one this place kinda special, where the time passes much more faster than outside.

I wish coming back soon. At this moment, who knows, the Camposfera family will be maybe bigger…


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