Happy Bicycle Day: Polska na rowerze

Today, 19th of April, it’s a World Bicycle Day.

Since the first signs of the sun appeared in March, I had the chance to see Poland from another angle, from the sit of a bike, riding on the streets. And the felling is deffinitly different, and priceless. Continue reading


Home sweet home…

Hi, it’s me, this yellow pretty house in 13 Wydrynska Street. I live surrounded by my close friends, other polish houses. I was first built as a brothel, I saw a lot of things, and a lot of people passing under my roof… After a while the people which were first taking care of me disappeared and other owners adopted me. They changed my look, they customised me and transformed me in order to be able to welcome new guests. Cos yes, the time of brothel had finished, I heard that I had to put up young adventurers coming from all Europe… The owner gave me 5 bedrooms for my future lovely stranger kids… Now, I take advantage that my new residents are not there to describe you my new way of life in 13 Wydrynska Street since the 22 of September…
I was still feeling stressed when they arrived. I dressed up to the nines, I was so cute that I still remember this day. When Corentin, Agathe and Jack opened the door, they felt home. Then I saw Sofia, and I discovered them step by step… But to tell the truth, I became a really mother for my kids when I welcomed Kristina in November. Then the family was all present.
Since they are here, they had time to make the bedrooms their own. I can see that they arranged my walls to their liking. They taped up photos and pictures. I can smell the perfume of flowers in some of the rooms…

After the work, I look at them running in the stairs, leaving their shoes in the corridor. They look like kids after school… And the corridor looks like a real shoe store! Flip flops, boots, trainers… Then they relax, I’m expecting this time so much cos I know that at least one of them will put the speakers and share music. By the time, I know that Jack is used to listen to the music in the second floor. My ears let me hear that Sofia was doing the same downstairs. Their style is different, but still so pleasant to listen. The funny thing on it is when Agathe tries to sing like Celine Dion… Believe me, my roof is about to collapse!
I like observing the guys in their everyday life. When the evening is coming, I can hear the sound of the utensils resonating in both kitchens. I’m making fun at Kristina’s experimental food! I just hope that she will never set on fire to my shelfs ! After dinner, they often meet together in the living room or even in the kitchen. These are my favorite moments. Looking at the kids growing up together. By the time, they become closer and closer. I like their smiles, and the sound of their laughs. Sometimes I have to lock my shutters when they make fun about each other and joke together. The reasons of those laughs can be so varied and incomprehensible that I close my eyes and let them go.
During the week end, I like to slip on my party dress to welcome new people in the living room. The guys do their best to organize great moments, inviting guests from all Europe.

I feel sad when they go. My adventurers are used to travelling, and sometimes I feel alone. They leave home with their luggage travelling to beautiful cities… But when they come back, they share the feedbacks and souvenirs… I feel they are quite bummed to go back. But it doesn’t last.. Cos they are coming back home. Home sweet home.



My Easter break across Poland

I think that, whatever you can undertake in your life, there is a moment where you get used of what you are doing. It is called the routine. In my case, even if the things that I do every day are not similar between them, this routine still exists. I live in Kielce, I go to school, I work in the office. We are free to create our own opportunies, but apart from that, it is also nessarily in my opinion to go away for a while. In others words : Travelling. Continue reading


The city of Nicolaus Copernicus, the older cities of poland was the localization of our middle term training. This time not all the team was there. Only me(Sofia), Coco and Kristina. Not even the last mates we meet in the first training. So it was a totally new experience for us.

The Hostel was totally in the midle of the city, in front of a big church. This time we had different rooms, more comfy and a pretty bohemian style. I felt really comfortable so I passed all the training walking around the hotel with socks while the rest of the team was being polite using shoes.

The week was amazing, we walk around the medieval city, we went to the theater, we did outside activities like the one in a beautiful museum of photography. And of course, one more time we ate a lot, that I get sick in the second day of training. Continue reading