Happy Bicycle Day: Polska na rowerze

Today, 19th of April, it’s a World Bicycle Day.

Since the first signs of the sun appeared in March, I had the chance to see Poland from another angle, from the sit of a bike, riding on the streets. And the felling is deffinitly different, and priceless.

The first time it was somewhere at the beginning of March, when I borrow it the bicycle of Bogusha, my coordinator. Maybe it was because of the nice weather, but I had a feeling that Kielce never looked better. I don’t know why the authorities still haven’t created something like a public city bikes, avalible for renting, but they really should. Than, we, the EVS volunteers from Kielce, would be able to go together on adventures trought the supburbes of the city. And I’m sure that that would be really fun.


That could be us, but we don’t have… bikes.

When I already mentiond the public bikes, I will share the lovely experiece that I had for the Easter brake, when I went to visit my friend Zorica in Wroclaw. Thanks to the public bicycles, we spended three days riding bikes everywhere, and once again, Poland was cooler than ever! Not that Wroclaw need something more to look nice, but this time was even prittier than usually.

And than, two weeks ago, I had a short stay in Warsaw, where I also had the chance to expirience the city with a bike. It was a night ride, so the streets were empty, and the city was light and wonderful. My friend Lulu, who is living there a couple months as Erasmus student, showed me Warsaw together with all the stories that she learned there trought this period, about the history and the legends of the places.

And every story, it’s more fun to listen while you are enjoing in a slow bike-ride, together with your friends.

At the end, I will tell you another story, much more iteresting than my “bike-one”. I will share with you the story of how this day turned out to be the World Bicycle Day:

hofmann_400“On April 19, 1943, Dr. Albert Hofmann first took LSD intentionally. Three days earlier, he had absorbed a small amount of the drug either through his fingertips or by accidentally ingesting it. On Bicycle Day, he took 250 µg of LSD intentionally and, fearing he had made himself ill, cycled home from his lab. During his bicycle ride, he experienced the effects of LSD, making this the date of the first ever acid trip. He wrote about his experiments and experience on April 22, which was later put into his book LSD: My Problem Child.

This day (for LSD users) is when they celebrate the discovery and first ever use of the drug.”

Not your first tought, huh?

Well, anyway, Happy Bicycles Day!



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