My Easter break across Poland

I think that, whatever you can undertake in your life, there is a moment where you get used of what you are doing. It is called the routine. In my case, even if the things that I do every day are not similar between them, this routine still exists. I live in Kielce, I go to school, I work in the office. We are free to create our own opportunies, but apart from that, it is also nessarily in my opinion to go away for a while. In others words : Travelling. Continue reading

Welcome to Camposfera

Welcome to Camposfera

These are the notes of a weenkend outside of Kielce. A weekend that we probably all secretly expected in the village of our mentor. A peaceful place that we like for its simple beauty, and the change of scene it can offer us. This is a weekend in Klimontów. Continue reading

Walking on a frozen lake

When I was still in France, people were used to tell me about my journey in Poland that I will have to prepare me against the cold. “Na! It cannot be so terrible” I was thinking most of the time. The weather was honestly not my main worry at this moment. But now I met the wintertime in Poland, I know (and especially my toes) that buying winter shoes is also an important part of the project… 

However, it finally doesn’t matter how hard is the cold. Because we all of us have had the opportunity to discover something that no one os us had seen before this EVS in Poland. Continue reading